Here in the UK for the last week, it has been raining non-stop. It seems like winter is getting closer and closer. And that’s so frustrating thinking how this year most of us didn’t have the chance to enjoy summer. Nevertheless, colder temperatures already started taking over the UK, and rain is a constant reminderContinue reading “Floating”

Empty island

Abandoned places have a unique ambience. They can be scary and creepy, yet exciting. When exploring an abandoned building everything suddenly looks suspicious. A key, a chair, a poster or a piano. You can’t help yourself but think questions such as why, what, when or how. But, that’s why it’s so exciting. You never knowContinue reading “Empty island”

Sun, Sand and Sea

Christmas is right on the corner, and Santa is patiently waiting for the clock to ding his time for travelling across the globe and share happiness. But, I must admit that I already miss the sunshine on my skin, the sand on my feet, and the taste of the sea. As an islander, the summerContinue reading “Sun, Sand and Sea”