Top 7 Cyprus: travel like a local

Hey everyone! So, it’s been almost two months since I published my first eBook. It was just another milestone I was able to achieve in the year of 2020. Naturally, this year has been full of unexpected events and twists. But I tried my best to work on self-development and accomplish my secret desires. Hence, Top 7 Cyprus: travel like a local came to life.

The eBook is a combination of tourism, culture, history, and mythology. It is not like other regular travel guides introducing to the most popular touristic or historical destinations. Rather it is a guide of introducing the top 7 of 7 aspects of Cyprus. Those are beaches, entertainment, food, mythology, history, religion, and the division of the island due to the invasion of the Turkish troops in 1974. In other words the eBook covers different topics of the island giving you a better idea on the island’s and its people lifestyle.

I would be very happy if you support me:) Thank you and have a good day!


Published by Lydia M.

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