Episode 2: Hephaestus

Hello everyone:) Here you can find the newest episode of my podcast Heroes and Myths, Hephaestus.

Heroes and myths is a podcast of mythology, history, and social criticism. With the help of mythological figures or heroes from ancient Greece, Cyprus, and the Middle East, I introduce specific social issues and their evolution throughout history.

On this episode with the help of Hephaestus’ story I introduce the life of disabled people in ancient times and the discrimination they face even until today. Additionally, Hephaestus’ struggles can be associated with beauty standards which also, even in our modern world, especially with social media cause many issues for both women and men.

I hope you’ll give it a go and is to your liking.

Episode 2: https://anchor.fm/heroesnmyths/episodes/Hephaestus-emvbd5


Thank you and enjoy!

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