Photo of the day: Sunderland

When I was 5, I went on my first journey abroad. Until today I remember the entire trip, from the feeling of being in an airport to being in the air and then landing, taking a train, and experiencing a completely different culture, language, and country.

My first trip was in the UK, which now is my home, so it’s so weird thinking once upon a time, it was something so different. However, when you think of the UK, you think of London. But the first place I visited in the UK is Sunderland, a seaside city in the north of England.

Then, more than 15 years, I went back to Sunderland, and it felt so amazing seeing this place as an adult. It was the same city, but just because I now have a better understanding of the country and obviously I can speak English, it felt like I was in a completely different place.


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