7 Reasons Why You Should Visit Cyprus

1. Jewel of the Mediterranean Sea

Cape Greco

Tourists love the scorching temperatures of July and August. Furthermore, Cyprus’s clear sea is undoubtedly the attraction nobody can’t deny its beauty. The crystal-clear blue waters, the golden sandy beaches, the remarkable sea caves, and rocky shores are brilliant and admired both by locals and tourists.

2. Crazy Parties and Nightlife

Ayia Napa

Perhaps the most popular destination amongst young tourists is the town of Ayia Napa. The town is known for the beautiful turquoise beaches but also the crazy nightlife. In the summertime, most clubs are open-air and frequently host well-known DJs from around the world. It is the best place for wild parties that last until sunrise, if not longer.

3. Delicious Food

Cypriot bread (koulouri) baked in a traditional oven

Cypriot cuisine is undoubtedly healthy and delicious. The most common ingredients are olive oil, tomatoes, and oregano. Impressively the food of Cyprus is immensely diverse. As a crossroads between three continents, naturally, Cyprus is a mixture of cultures. Thus, Cyprus’ food is a mix of Middle Eastern, North African, and European cuisines. However, one thing that is originally from the island, and we are proud of is halloumi. It is a goat cheese with a long history of thousands of years.

4. Birthplace of Aphrodite

Aphrodite’s Rock

For those who love Greek mythology, then you must be aware Cyprus is Aphrodite’s birthplace. Aphrodite is the Greek goddess of love and beauty. The beach of Aphrodite’s Rock is one of the most popular touristic attractions. Aphrodite rose from the sea foam that surrounds the large rock near the beach’s coast. Hence the combination of the myth and the fantastic beach makes the place even more astonishing.


5. Ancient Ruins

Paphos archaeological park

Cyprus has a history of more than ten thousand years. Cyprus is indeed part of the Greek civilisation. However, Cyprus has a diverse culture and rich history. The island is home to one of the oldest civilisations in the world. Furthermore, many different cultures moved and settled on the island. Due to the colonisation of thousands of years from various nations, tourists will experience different styled ruins and ancient art in Cyprus. Tourists can explore prehistoric settlements, ancient Greek and Roman cities, or medieval historical monuments.

6. Christian sites and relics

Often you’ll see two churches side by side. As the population grows there is need of more space so, a bigger church is often built next to the old church

Cyprus is dominantly a Christian Orthodox country with various religious sites. The island is also known as the Island of Saints. Many saints originate from Cyprus, and other saints and apostles passed through the island. Some examples are, Saint Lazarus, St Andrews, St Paul, St Helen, and many others. Furthermore, Around the country, tourists can visit stunning monasteries, cathedrals, churches, or tiny chapels.

7. Divided Island

Forced Division

Cyprus is often known as the divided island. Turkey occupies the north part of Cyprus, and globally it is known as the unrecognised Turkish Republic of North Cyprus. In 1974, the Turkish army invaded Cyprus, and since then, the island is divided into two parts. The Greek Cypriots living in the north had to leave everything behind and move to the south. Similarly, the Turkish Cypriots of the south had to relocate to the north. For this reason, many ghost towns all over the country often attract adventurous and curious tourists.


These are the top 7 reasons tourists visit Cyprus, as well as the top 7 things Cyprus is known for. However each of them can be expanded exponentially and although it is only a tiny nation compared to the rest of the world there are still so many things to see and experience there.

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