As the UK is getting ready to go back in lockdown tomorrow, most people rushed to go for one last time for the next month, at least, to a restaurant, a pub, or just for a coffee. However, what I needed were peace and rest. I needed some time outdoors to clear my mind and get ready to once again isolate myself at home.

Thus, there is nothing better than going to the beach, gazing at the horizon, relax with the sound of the wild waves, and feeling the cold breeze on my skin. It was beautiful, and although I will miss going out, sometimes I feel what I need is a quiet place outdoors rather than a busy pub. So I’m that odd person who will not miss going out.

But of course, I am definitely going to miss the freedom of travelling.


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2 thoughts on “Peacefulness

  1. Lol I’m also one of the few that didn’t miss going out during the multiple lockdowns here in Malaysia. In fact, I thrive on the simplicity of being homebound. So many more things get done. Thanks for this!

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