Light and Rain

My trip to China was full of surprises. It was a three-week trip of living in traditional hostels, a 5-star hotel for free, watch a performance from monks and nuns, join an only-Chinese tour at the Great Wall, have a night out with only locals and join a family dinner, and lastly experience a typhoon.

When I arrived at Shanghai I was amazed by the huge skyscrapers and their complex and beautiful architecture. But then suddenly everything turn into grey and the rain wouldn’t stop. Apparently, a typhoon was passing by Shanghai so my entire time in Shanghai just felt wet. It was summer, so it was the monsoon period. Perhaps someone would think my vacation was ruined by the rain but it was still an experience I never had and I loved it.

Apart from the typhoon, in Shanghai I oved how the city is still lively and vibrant at night. The lights bring the city to life and it is an absolutely incredible sight.

Sparkling Lights
Heavy Rain

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