Road trip

Sometimes people have the need to escape. Life can become unnecessarily overwhelming and suffocating. Same people, same space, same food, same places. It becomes boring. Thus, people enjoy travelling. Travelling is about exploring new places, or even new lifestyles and cultures. But most importantly travelling is about getting out of your comfort zone and having new experiences.

However, travelling and exploring does not have to be going abroad, to a new country. Usually, when I want to escape and leave my often too boring or routine, I go to a place I’ve never been to. Furthermore, I believe exploring places near to your own home can be very eye-opening. They are so close yet there are still so many differences and things you didn’t even know about. Also, I feel villages and little towns often have the best surprises.

So here is a collection of photos from my road trip to the port town of Lymington in the county of Hampshire.

Hurst Castle

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