Unexpected beauty

Sometimes the best things you’ll discover while travelling are random and unexpected places. You are merely walking around a street and unexpectedly you stumble upon the best view of the entire city. Or perhaps out of the blue you find some interesting art, statue or some sort of decoration. I just love random things you never imagined finding. Sometimes, they are actually ordinary things you see everywhere yet they feel extraordinary.

At one of my recent escapades while walking on a beautiful path with the sea as the view I came across various decorations on the fence and I couldn’t help myself not capture my favourite one.

Plastic Ice-cream

I would say an ice-cream gazing at the sea is the best decoration. It stands tall at a beautiful location, and it makes us want to both take a dip in the water and eat a refreshing ice-cream.

Thank for reading and I hope you all had an amazing summer:)

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