Positive Energy

Often school, work, expectations, and obligations consume our spirit and happiness to a degree of forgetting to smile. Sometimes it is rather difficult to find positive energy when you’re cooped up in four walls every day. For this reason, people seek different ways to release stress. For some, the best way is reading a book or watching their favourite movie, for others is by being surrounded by their loved ones. The best way for others is to take a quiet walk in the park, at the beach or walking around in busy streets.
In my case, I love taking a walk for realising stress and gain energy, more than often in busy streets. Although sometimes, I prefer to relax in a park and relish in nature. However, today I’ll introduce to you one of the most popular destinations in the UK, which at some point was my happy place. It was the place I would often escape to when I was a university student. And that is the city of York.
York is one of the most historic cities in the UK. It dates back to 71 AD, and it was founded by the Romans. It was later the capital of several kingdoms, such as Jorvik and Northumbria. With the influence of several kingdoms, Christianity, trading, and scholarly achievements, today is a major touristic hub.
What I loved the most, was exploring the snickelways, markets, and the various street performers. Mostly though, I would enjoy the sunshine in the York Museum Gardens when it was warm anyway. If you ever find yourself in York, I recommend you to enjoy a walk around the snickelways and the shambles. Have a trip around the city walls to enjoy fantastic views of the city, visit the york minster, the Clifford’s Tower and castle museum, and the Jorvik Viking Centre. A tour mixed with lifestyle, history, and religion.Here are some of my favourite moments in York. Enjoy!

Clifford’s Tower
St Mary’s Abbey
View from the city walls
River Ouse
York Minster

Thanks for reading! Have a good day:)

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