Green and other colours

As a child I always loved nature. I grew up in the countryside and my home was surrounded by wheat fields and olive groves. However, Cyprus is a relatively dry land thus, when I visit other countries I love exploring their natural parks and natural reserves.

I love how colourful nature can be. It is also interesting to see the difference of nature and vegetation between other nations or even continents. There are various of shades of green, and park-lands are never the same. Undoubtedly, nature is never boring to explore. But, sometimes I just love finding a quiet place at the grassland and enjoy the smell of the wood or grass, and listen to the beautiful song of the birds. And it’s even better when you have a good book with you as company.

However, sometimes you are so awed by the greatness and beauty of nature that all you want is to stare and think of nothing. It feels both relaxing and frightening.

So, here is a collection f my favourite parks, forests, and natural reserves around the world.

Czech Republic
United Kingdom

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