Sunshine and Ice-cream

The first things we usually think about England are the rain, the red buses and red telephone booths, the brick-houses and the Queen. It probably never crosses in our minds that in summer people can relax at long beautiful beaches, sunbath in the sun and cool down with an ice-cream.

It is quite funny how we all forget that the UK is an island. I’ve been living at the south of England for the last six months and I can’t deny that life here was a big surprise for me. Previously, I was living at the north of England therefore I was more used to the stereotypical England. However, at the south everything is different. For instance, apart from the typical architecture of red-brick houses you see blue, pink or other colourful houses. Also, another surprise for me were the palm trees. I never thought I’ll see palm trees in the UK.

But the best thing is obviously the sea. The longest beach in the UK is located at Bournemouth and it is indeed a beautiful scenery. It is 11 km long (7 miles) and if you ever find yourself in the UK it is worth it to walk along the beach.

Here is a collection of photos from Bournemouth. Enjoy:)

Bournemouth Beach
Bournemouth Beach
Bournemouth Beach
Boscombe Beach
Boscombe Beach
View from Boscombe Pier
Bournemouth Beach
Bournemouth Pier
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