Growing up in a small island I never used a train, the underground or a tram. Whenever I say to my international friends that the only public transport in Cyprus are buses they see me as if I am a cave-person.

When I saw the train for the first time I was so excited. I was six years old and I went for a trip to London with my family. Until today I remember how I would try to duck when we would pass a bridge. Later, when I moved to the UK I had to use the underground in London all alonr and I was so confused. It was such a weird and embarrassing experience.

Nowadays, using the train, the tram or the underground is something common. The excitement is gone, yet I love photographing the simplicity of ordinary life. At stations you get to see all kinds of people travelling for work or pleasure. So many different stories and emotions are mixing together and that’s why I love the feeling of being at any station or airport and observe people.

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