Mermaids and dolphins

It is no secret that I love the sea. Coming from Cyprus summer always meant blue sea, sunny days and watermelons. I never realised that not everyone went to the beach or collected sea shells during summer. Only when I lived abroad in colder countries, and countries that didn’t even have sea I realised that not everyone enjoys the same summer activities.

Nowadays, even though I do love going into nature, hiking, exploring cities and being in busy streets, my biggest love is still the beautiful ocean. The sea can be both wild and calm. It can be dangerous and the most therapeutic place to be. Growing up at an island in the Mediterranean sea I was lucky to experience the beauty of crystal clear waters, calm waves and hot weather. Also, I was privileged to see dolphins, turtles and even tiny sharks. Furthermore, our sea and country is very well known for their myths so as a child I remember myself waiting to meet a mermaid. I haven’t met one yet but who knows maybe one day, right?

So, here is a collection of photos of the Mediterranean Sea! Enjoy!


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