As children we grow up with beautiful stories of princesses, princes and enormous castles. One of my favourite stories as a child was Cinderella. Perhaps because she went from nothing to having everything that she ever wished for. I was also always fascinated by the majestic castles of fairy tales. Therefore, something that I love about Europe it’s the endless castles that you can find not only in the capitals and big cities, but also in tiny towns and villages.

So, here is a collection of different castles and forts around Europe. Enjoy!

Fragkokastello, Crete, Greece
Rethymno, Crete, Greece
Lisbon, Portugal
Chatsworth, England
York, England
Edinburgh, Scotland
Brno, Czech Republic
Prague, Czech Republic
Mikulov, Czech Republic
Czech Republic
Budapest, Hungary
Bratislava, Slovakia
Vienna, Austria
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