I grew up on an island meaning that I have always been surrounded by water. However, most of the rivers of Cyprus have dried up a long time ago. My country gradually is becoming like a desert. Many tourists love it because it’s hot yet, anyone can soak into the sea and cool down. They love taking photos of the dry land because it looks “cool”. But they do not realise the severe problems that we have because of the heat.

Climate change has a huge impact in many countries and naturally Cyprus is not an exception. Therefore, coming from a relatively dry country when travelling to another country I always admire the beauty of the rivers. So, today with this post I would like to show appreciation to the many rivers I visited or simply somehow stumbled upon while exploring cities.


River: Thames, Windsor, England
River: Aire, Leeds, England
River: Ouse, York, England
River: Svratka, Brno, Czech Republic
Rivre: Vltava, Prague, Czech Republic
River: Vltava, Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic
River: Danube, Bratislava, Slovakia
River: Danube, Budapest, Hungary
River: Vistula, Krakow, Poland
River: Liu, Liuzhou, China

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