Lock down

Dear friends and fellow travellers, I know that we all love travelling and for those who live abroad like myself I understand the stress of being away from your loved ones BUT please stay home.

Travelling is beautiful but we always need to be considered no matter the situation. I see a lot of people not taking seriously the coronavirus thinking that it’s just a flu BUT it’s not just a flu. Yes it’s true that it might be relatively a minor flu knowing that thousands of people have already recovered from coronavirus, however not all can recover. So please be considered of the elderly people, the children and those who already suffer from some sort of disease and won’t be able to fight coronavirus.

If you are still not convinced that coronavirus is and can be dangerous then please let me tell you my experience with another pandemic. About 10 years ago when the pandemic of swine flu killed half a million I was one of those that got the flu but were lucky and recovered easily as if it was just a regular cold. At that time I was just a high school student so when they told me I need to isolate myself and stay home I was in fact happy. My plan was to stay at home, watch movies, play games and just be lazy all day long. In my mind it felt like some sort of vacation. However, obviously it wasn’t. If anyone was severely sick and I was around them things would have ended badly for them. I had to isolate myself for the sake of others. So please, isolate yourselves, if not for yourselves for your loved ones.

Even if you think you are healthy you can still be a carrier of the disease. Therefore, you could easily take with you the virus to another country so especially if you were planning to visit a vulnerable country that does not have the right and measures equipment for recovery then please cancel your trip. After all, you can still go to your dream holidays AFTER the virus extincts or once there’ll be a vaccine.

Stay home everyone and stay healthy.

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