Oh London my London

Whoever has travelled in the British capital or anywhere in Great Britain then is well aware of the gloomy whether and constant grey sky over the country.

However, if you ever actually lived in this country then you know the best way to start a conversation is to complain of how miserable the weather is. The gloomy and grey sky might be a sad situation but it can be the start of great and happy conversations.

However, what every tourist absolutely loves here in London are the red telephone boxes. Everyone who has visited London has a photo either pretending that is calling someone or merely standing next to a red telephone box. It’s so bissard but so cool at the same time.

My first time in London was back in 2000 as a 5 year old on a trip with my mum to visit my sister who was then studying here in the UK. I don’t remember everything from that trip but I do remember the red telephone boxes. As a child I loved the colour red so in my 5-year-old head they were the absolutely best thing in London (alongside the red buses). In general, everything that represents London is red so I loved London.

However, the most interesting fact is that back then in 2000 people actually used the red telephone boxes. Not everyone had a mobile phone, including my mum and sister so as a child I would force my mum to let me use the phone to call home. It was so fascinating.

Today, it is uncommon to use these red telephone boxes and they are mainly used as a photo shoot tool. But, I still do love them and see them as the best thing in London.

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