Cyprus: Cape Greco

It’s time for a photo story of my favourite place in the entire world!

Cape Greco nowadays is a famous destination for sea lovers in Cyprus. But thirty to forty years ago, when my family dubbed this beautiful destination as “our” sea when we would go, there was absolutely no one. At this stunning place, I have very fond childhood memories, and at this rocky and wild sea, I learned how to swim.

Today, this is one of the most famous areas of Ayia Napa, with many tourists visiting to swim, snorkel, dive, collect seashells, or to take some beautiful photos. Furthermore, many cruise ships stop or pass by this great place to let the tourists have a wild boat party in the waters of Cape Greco.

Usually, when ships stop here, I will dance along to their music and have a private party with my friends.

Anyway, no more rumblings! Enjoy some of my favourite moments at Cape Greco, and if you find yourself in Cyprus, please do go there. You won’t be disappointed. But watch out for sirens, after all, legends say that a siren lurks around the waters of Cape Greco looking for a mate!

Electric Blue
Party time
Relaxing waves
Love Bridge
Winter time – Love Bridge
Winter – Blue Clouds
A fisherman in winter

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