One person, a million stories

One of the most beautiful things about travelling is meeting unique people.

When on the road, you often get to meet others to share your stories and dreams. Undoubtedly, travelling is the best way to find yourself immersed in beautiful fairy-tales, inspirational life stories, or crazy adventures. And along the way, you create your own story that mingles with all the other million stories you come across. Every step is just another page on the book of life and earth.

While travelling, I came across many adventurers and inspirational people. However, I think for most, the first person they ever meet with a unique story and dream or a crazy life is the one that impresses them the most. My story of globetrotting and solo travelling started in the summer of 2014 when I made the first step of going out of my comfort zone. During my first trip as a solo traveller, I met an extraordinary guy with a life full of adventures and a beautiful dream and goal.

At that time, I had only just turned twenty, and he was in his early thirties. We met in a little town in the Swiss countryside. And the first crazy fact is that he came over to this small town by bike from Germany and that bike he bought it with money that he earned in Germany as a waiter. To me, at that point, it was the craziest story I ever heard.

As we got to know each other a bit more, I learned that he had been on the road for more than two years already. For about a year, he was in Australia, exploring all the corners of the country and neighbouring islands. Again, by doing odd jobs or by busking, he would earn his allowance. After exploring Oceania, he went to explore southeast Asia.

I remember being so awed by this person and his stories. At that time, I felt like I hadn’t accomplished anything, and I nothing to say. The only thing I had by that time was finishing school, playing the piano and studying (read: partying) in the UK. As we went on talking about other things such as hobbies, we started talking about the sea and swimming, something that I do love, after all, I am an islander. But then he goes like, “Oh yeah, I got my scuba-diving licence in Honduras.” And I mean obviously, this guy has even more stories than I thought. Because that statement is another extraordinary story that I had to know about.

So, after learning that he also explored South and Central America, we finally came to the point of discussing home and dreams. Sometimes I do wonder what these adventurers feel about home or what they consider as home. For instance, in my case, I did have my struggles of figuring out where is my home. But then again, I do not see my self as an adventurer, I am merely someone who loves traveling. However, I’ve been living abroad for a little bit over seven years now, so my “home” changed a few times.

Nevertheless, as we were discussing these issues, he told me that he is, in fact, a chef and his dream is to experience as many cultures and cuisines as he can so that one day he will go back to his hometown to open a restaurant and serve food from all over the world. I think that is a fantastic dream that correlates with his love of travelling, adventures, and cooking. He said that he wants the people of his hometown to learn about the world beyond their small town through food, and honestly, there is no better way to learn for other cultures than food. Such a beautiful dream.

Unfortunately, as this was a short meeting, I never got to get his contact. Therefore I don’t know whether he accomplished his dream. I hope that he did and brought happiness and maybe a little bit of his craziness to his people through his stories and food.

His life story might have been a crazy journey, but at the same time, he told me that it was not an easy decision. He is coming from a conservative country. Therefore, he was expected to live a simple life of having a 9 to 5 job, find a wife, have children, and everything else that usually comes into the package of settling down. However, he decided to resist his parents’ wishes and create his own life path.

Although it was only a short meeting, it was enough for me to be inspired and to be “greedy” to travel and follow my dreams no matter how crazy they might be. Sometimes when I find myself thinking of giving up or quitting and settle for something less than what I want, I remember this person who instead of following the path his family wanted, he carved a different one, and he owned it.  

Today even though I am still not as amazing as this person, I try to create as many stories as I can because, at the end of the day, one person doesn’t have only one story but a million stories.

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