Sun, Sand and Sea

Christmas is right on the corner, and Santa is patiently waiting for the clock to ding his time for travelling across the globe and share happiness. But, I must admit that I already miss the sunshine on my skin, the sand on my feet, and the taste of the sea.

As an islander, the summer is in my bones, and I hardly can be separated from the sea. Today though, I won’t be bragging about my home island but our lovely neighbour Crete.
Crete is the largest island of Greece, and although they are part of this beautiful country, it’s an island of uniqueness and beauty.

In the summer of 2017, I had the chance to travel across Crete, and I was amazed by their diversity in culture, history, and nature. Although I am a fan of history and I always like to rumble about myths, legends, and ancient civilisations, today, I will only introduce you to this gorgeous island with photo stories.

Abandoned island of Spinalonga
Knossos throne room

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