Explore and Discover Vienna: Museums

One would say that Vienna is the city of music. But as a traveller, I would say Vienna is the city of museums. There are over a hundred museums that can fulfil everyone’s desire to see and learn something new. Although there are plenty of museums that cover art, music, culture, history, and science, there are also unexpected and rare museums such as crime, scout, and funeral museums.

When in Vienna, you have the chance to explore more than the city itself. It is a city that can take you on a trip through time and space. You get to explore art in Europe through times and history, and culture from all over the world. Furthermore, as part of the once great empires, undoubtedly anyone could feel part of a historical movie.

These are five of my favourite museums that can take you on an exciting journey:

1. Kunsthistorisches Museum – Museum of Art History  

Kunsthistorisches Museum is located at Maria-Theresien-Platz, and it’s the largest art museum in the country. It was established by Emperor Franz Joseph, the first of Austria-Hungary. The museum hosts art pieces from Habsburg (House of Austria), as well as a collection of Greek, Roman, Egyptian, and other Eastern civilizations. 

Additionally, apart from the fantastic art pieces, the building itself is a piece of art with beautiful decorations that showcase the architectural and interior of the 19th century. 

2. Naturhistorisches Museum – Natural History Museum

Naturhistorisches Museum is also located at the Maria-Theresien-Platz and faces the Kunsthistorisches Museum. The two museums are almost identical as they were established and opened the same day. As it was created by the royal family, the museum exhibits the findings of well-known researchers, adventurers, and explorers that date back to the 17th century.

The museum is a centre of natural sciences and hosts 39 exhibitions related to human, earth, and life sciences. 

3. Weltmuseum – Museum of Ethnology

Weltmuseum is hosted by the once Hofburg Imperial Palace. It is the largest anthropological museum in Austria. It exhibits ethnographic and archaeological objects from Asia, Africa, Oceania, and America. 

4. Haus der Musik – House of Music

For music lovers, the House of Music is the perfect museum to explore the origins of the music that lead to the evolution of modern technology of music. The museum displays hi-tech interactive multimedia presentations to showcase the history of music.

5 Technisches Museum – Museum of Technology

The technical museum is a great adventure to accumulate knowledge on various aspects of modern life and technology. The permanent displays focus on astronomy, physics, on heavy industry, energy, communications and information media, musical instruments, and transport.

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