Christmas in Brno

Living abroad gives you the opportunity to explore and discover new places that soon can become your home. Brno is the second largest city in the Czech Republic and I’ve been residing in this beautiful city for the last three years.

As I always loved Christmas, my favourite time in this city is none other than Christmas. The magnificent decorations, colourful lights and markets bring the city alive more than ever. Besides, a colourful city can always be elevated with Christmas.

To show my love for the city here are some wonderful moments that I enjoyed and hopefully they’ll inspire you to visit one day.

Preparation for Christmas
Liberty Square
Market Square
Christmas time is also the perfect time for an opera, ballet or musical performance
If you follow the traditions of Christmas then don’t forget to check out St Peter’s and St Paul’s Cathedral
White Christmas
Enjoy a stroll around the little pathways and streets of the old town
Explore the interesting sculptures and museums around the city
It’s not Christmas if you don’t have a hot chocolate

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