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People often move abroad for educational, economic, or political reasons. Indeed, living abroad gives great opportunities both in daily and professional life. But today, I would like to explore the opportunities we gain from living abroad regarding discovering and learning.

Currently, I live in the Czech Republic, and I have to say that it is one of the most beautiful countries I have ever visited. It’s the perfect country to explore history and art through time in Europe.

Prague, as the capital of the country, is undoubtedly the most famous city to visit. Nonetheless, the country is filled with beautiful sceneries of vast forests, colourful flower beds, and elegant castles standing tall on every corner.

I often like to go for spontaneous adventures either as a solo traveller or with friends. For this reason, whenever I have a free weekend, I choose a city that I’ve never visited before to explore. After all, the unknown is usually the best place to explore.

My favourite part of the European cities is the colourful streets with picturesque buildings that are usually covered with decorative paintings or statues. And the long squares that often host markets from local producers complete a perfect image.

Of course, when we are talking about markets, we can’t deny that the best time of the year for exploring markets it’s Christmas time. Every city during Christmas turns into the perfect fairytale-like town with bright lights and decorations.

Although the Czech Republic is a relatively small country, it has a rich history that can be seen through the different styles of architecture in the cities. Furthermore, as part of many great empires and kingdoms for those who have a love for European history, they will certainly have a feast on the stories of kings, queens, and nobles.

And lastly, while traveling, everyone desires to immerse themselves in the local culture and lifestyle. For those who wish to challenge their taste buds and try new things, Czech cuisine is an excellent example of traditional central European food. But what Czech is mostly famous for is beer. Every single area has its own distinctive beer. Therefore, I would recommend you whenever you go to a pub in the Czech Republic ask for their local beer rather than going for the popular ones.

My personal favourite moment in the Czech Republic was last summer in the northern part of the country. I had the chance to visit an area called tripoint, which basically is the point where three countries meet. In this case, it was a three-point border area between the Czech Republic, Germany, and Poland. Others from European countries might have experienced this before. Still, to me coming from an island, it felt magical how easily I could cross over to the next country. Furthermore, thinking about the history of these three countries, it’s unbelievable how far we came as humans and how closer and stronger we are now.

Besides the intense feelings that I felt from the free border and free movement law, the entire area had a serene atmosphere. The sounds of the forest and the river could make your mind get lost in peaceful memories and feelings.

To show off this beautiful country, here are some of my favourite moments while exploring.

Cesky Krumlov
Brno Reservoir

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